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    Oils & Serums


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    • programa-de-mantenimiento-capilar-Hair-Complex-Regenerator

      Nirvel Hair Complex Regenerator – Maintenance Pack

      $90.00 Add to cart

      Nirvel Serum

      $34.00 Add to cart
    • 6628-15-TO-1-150ml

      Nirvel 15 to 1

      $21.50 Add to cart
    • OUT OF STOCK7522_basiCare_dryHair_biphase_200ml

      Nirvel BasiCare Dry Hair Biphase

      $12.00 Read more
    • 6633-TSUBAKI-SERUM-40ml

      Nirvel Tsubaki Serum

      $36.00 Add to cart
    • 7514_basiCare_coloredHair_biphase_200ml

      Nirvel BasiCare Colored Hair Biphase

      $10.00 Add to cart
    • 6732_arganFluidl_60ml-600x600

      Nirvel Argán Fluid

      $9.00$36.33 Select options
    • 6933-DOBLE-PHASE-250ml

      Nirvel Double Phase

      $16.00 Add to cart
    • 6692-ARGAN-SHINE-SPRAY-200ml

      Nirvel Argan Shine Spray

      $34.00 Add to cart